December 10, 2007

23-25th Nov 2007 Military Bench Meet

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I judged this virtual meet. With a two-month old daughter in the family lifting was not realistic… Am now gearing up towards the March powerlifting meet where I plan to break some more PRs.

As usual, this video is also available at YouTube.

September 30, 2007

7-9th Sept 2007 Virtualmeet

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Things are still slow on the blog front as is taking up all of the little time I have. Speaking of which, the meet results for our latest meet is out! Had the usual back problems coming into the meet, very happy with the results given that two weeks before the meet even walking was painful. Here’s the video, also available at YouTube.

June 20, 2007

The beast has been unleashed!

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May 28, 2007

Next virtualmeet scheduled for September

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The front page has again received a quick update on progress. Coming there… I keep saying this, but it will be worth the wait. Now off to sunny Greece!

April 21, 2007

Down and up… again

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The omnipresent something hit the fan again. In a drastic measures to contain any further crashes, we are now up and running inside a comfy VPS with resources to spare. On towards new adventures!

March 30, 2007

Big Biceps Crash Course!!!

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…or rather, big whopping server crash. Finally took the time to restore the blog, which shall, in due time, receive some big biceps updates. The back log is… well, big too.

Folks, thanks for your patience, is next in line to make a stunning re-entry. :-D

February 8, 2007 Community open!

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Registration and discussion is now open at the Community forum. This marks the end of using this blog as the main communication channel for the project; henceforth, head over to for the latest. RSS feeds and e-mail subscription options will be added over the next week or so making it easy to keep track of what’s happening. Enjoy… and for those of you participating in this weekends inaugural event… TIME TO SIGN UP FOLKS!

Exciting times indeed! :-D

February 7, 2007

Final call for the virtual meet

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E-mails with the rules have gone out to all of those who have pre-registered. If you didn’t get yours or still want to join in on the fun this weekend as a lifter or a judge, shoot me an e-mail at and I’ll bring you up to speed in no time.

February 6, 2007


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Erick who signed up for the virtual meet back in August, could you e-mail me at with your e-mail address? I need it to send out some virtual meet info shortly. I had it on the laptop that died at the end of August, am unable to retrieve it.

February 5, 2007

Print out 82 pages and become your gym’s Tablemeister!

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Wilks formula up close and personalWhile the Internet winds have gently caressed the tranquil appearing facade of Under the Bar, yours truly has been whacking away at the keyboard like a maniac hoping to be able to climb Mount Everest in two hours (give or take).

Backtracking just a week or so, it was a sunny day before the big snowfall. I was filled with joy over finally, finally, finally having finished all the graphs for my megalomaniac foray into determining what relative strength formula would be best suited for TERROR! COLD SWEATY MURDER!! I discovered a rounding bug in the Powerlifting Relative Strength Calculator which I had meticulously used to relative strength adjust three powerlifting classifications standards over three code points using six relative strength formulas… then the same thing all over for the women’s tables. Although this bug doesn’t decisively alter the general results, it makes the details useless without a recalculation. Anyway. Fixed that, then decided to run the calculator through its paces by graphing out all the coefficients of all formulas to find any anomalies. Found more than I bargained for, most of them being errors in the coefficient tables used as source data for the calculator. Sherlock Holmes sprung into action. Done. Ooops. Did I just find a rare specimen of Acronicta Sortulae that only appears when the correct mantra is chanted to the tune of The Final Countdown? Jackpot!

Hallucinating hands deep in the source code, I recalled cake and something about icing. Adding a host of queued improvements to the calculator seemed the logical thing to do now that I had the beast firmly pinned under my analytic gaze. Without going into all of them, let me just say one word… Formula dump! 82 pages of bug-fixed relative strength tables ready to be meet any situation in the gym involving people arguing who is really strongest. Hit them in the head with hard science (first, check your shoelaces).

Tomorrow I will redo the essential calculations for the virtual meet to give all of you some tangible goals to rig your meet attempts for. Stay tuned to your inbox!

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