Powerlifting scripts and calculators

Here are some scripts to automate the calculation of various powerlifting routines and cycles. Unless otherwise noted, all were written by me. For other scripts, see the excellent collection provided by Joe Skopec and LiftVault's large and growing collection of powerlifting programs. You might also be interesting in taking a peek at the training scripts I've released to the public.


    Bench Press

  • Westside Dynamic Effort Bench: Working from a shirtless bench max, this scripts gives you guidelines for what parameters to use for straight weight, chains and bands.
  • Patrik Nyman's Prilepin Bench: Designed for the drug-free lifter, this is a six-week program based on Prilepin's table that alternates the raw bench with the close-grip bench. Well-suited for improving the raw max.


  • Coan/Phillipi 10 week Deadlift Routine: 10-week program designed by the great Ed Coan that combines heavy and speed deadlifting with various low-back intensive accessory exercises in one session a week.
  • Pure Power Mag 16-week Squat Routine: A program consisting of three distinctive cycles (weeks 1-7 raw foundation, weeks 8-13 knee wraps and belt, weeks 14-16 full gear peaking) with plenty of cycled accessory work (paused squats, front squats, quarter squats, light competition squats, lunges, step-ups and leg curls). From the November 2002 issue of Pure Power Mag.

  • Westside dynamic Box squat cycles
  • Three-week Dynamic Effort Box Squat Cycles: Based on an article by Dave Tate, this script generates three-week cycles for straight weight and chains, plus different phases of band squats.
  • Five-week Dynamic Effort Box Squat Cycle: Calculated from the current box max, this cycle progresses from 8x2 @ 65% to 3x2 @ 80-90% over the course of five-weeks.