Strength training

On 16 May 2003 I made the transition from bodybuilding to powerlifting, with heavy inspiration drawn from the Westside Barbell protocol.

Under the bar

My training (b)log was born on the same day, 16 May 2003, as I made the transition from bodybuilding to powerlifting to chronicle my progress as a drug-free raw lifter. A text-only enterprise at first, Under the Bar has gradually turned into a multimedia beast with frequent use of photos and video footage from workouts.

Powerlifting scripts and calculators

Useful online tools for generating various routines and training cycles.


Software and utilities released to the iron horde.

Toffe's gym

I'm a happy owner of a forest gym. Contains a short history and pictures taken in 1998. Be forwarned: the tacky gym pants that appear in the pictures were the de rigeur gym outfit back then...

Articles by yours truly

Various articles I've written on nutrition and training over the years... all in Swedish.