Training routines

This page contains powerlifting routines I have used and bothered to scribble down. All workouts are logged in my blog Under the bar, which is also the source of more in-depth reflection on my routines and training in general.

21 November 2005: Press-centric Raw Bench Program
Full range pressing and lots of it. None of those lockouts, high boards and tons of triceps work that is key to a huge shirt bench. In a nutshell: a 5x5 program with added speed and max effort work.

12 January 2004: Three-day rotating Westside Barbell split
An attempt to boost training intensity by shortening rest between assistance exercises to 20 seconds. To prevent overtraining, the rest between workouts is increased by 48 hours.

23 May 2003: My first Westside Barbell training routine
My own version of a beginner's Westside routine (as in beginning powerlifter, not beginning gym rat; this is far too demanding for anyone just starting to get friendly with a barbell). Fairly conventional as far as Westside goes.