May 27, 2006

6 responses to Week 19: Deload fun with max reps

  1. Jon Says:

    31 reps is absolutely unfathomable to me. The difference using a ghr machine must be substantial. By the way, I just passed on a link to your pulley ghr video to Jim at Jim’s Powerlifting Place at

  2. Kris Says:

    My hammies must have very favorable insertion points. My training partner and “old-school bodybuilder” Måns out squats me by at least 30 kg, yet I can soundly beat him on any hamstring movement (he does sets of about 10 on the GHR). Always been like that. Then again, good to have one area where I can touch that guy. Challenged him to a shoulder press competition the other day, lost by 15 kg. :-(

    First time I tried this machine I could only get 10 reps though. I’ve tried moving the pins ridiculously high, but it is still light enough albeit very uncomfortable. Perhaps time to elevate the back of the machine. Also, it doesn’t take more than a 5 kg/11 lbs plate against the forehead… But yes, a pulley GHR is a whole different beast, much heavier since the knees are locked into place and can’t tilt down naturally.

  3. Scott Says:

    I’ll have to wait until I’m back on broadband to download the video (reliving the wonders of dialup at the moment…), but 31 reps definitely sounds like quite a set. Very nicely done.

  4. Alberto Caraballo Says:

    I’m so jealous:( 31 reps?!?
    After that vid, I don’t think hams are too much of the issue in the squat for you, either. So what do you think are your biggest weakpoints for your squat/DL?

  5. Kris Says:

    I don’t have any quads, period. I would definitively be a proportional better equipped squatter than a raw squatter, could use those hams better in a suit. But so far, I am raw all the way and not complaining. I guess the bottom line is that everything is weak, my hams are just a little less weak. :-)

    Have you had a chance to try your new GHR yet?

  6. Alberto Caraballo Says:

    I’m still waiting. The stuff was ordered last week of April: the rack is a 6-8 week wait, the GHR a little less. I called today to check on the status of that order; Matt Bash is supposed to get back to me tomorrow on it. I’m itchin’ for it but at least I have a good gym to hold me over. But I guarantee you, Kris, I won’t be cranking GHR reps out like that. I’m curious to see how it feels on the real deal.

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