February 28, 2006

5 responses to Week 8: A visit to Måns’ basement

  1. Scott Says:

    The video clips just keep on getting better.
    Incidentally, which do you prefer - setting a squat PR or the end of backblogging? :)

  2. Kris Says:

    At this very moment, the end of backblogging. Bringing it back to speed from being five months behind took an immense amount of work. Thanks for the video clip feedback! :-)

  3. Måns Says:

    Those band-setups are not even half as funny as the ones we did at your school gym, remember? Way back last spring, I think..?
    Still, funny it was. :)
    And yes, you’re welcome any time. Oh, and the vertical ab-bench and bench-dip apparatus indeed have appeared there.

  4. Kris Says:

    Ah, the good old pjotr rows, jungle pulldowns and rocket power abs. 19 November 2004. :-)

    BTW, how does the new equipment fit in? Is there still room to squat…?

  5. Måns Says:

    Um, I don’t know yet. Probably will get a workout in later today, been kinda busy…

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