December 28, 2004

4 responses to New Westside hybrid routine

  1. Scott Says:

    Looks like a pretty decent blend of existing routines. It’ll be nice to return to a set weekly plan rather than the rotating split.

    The only areas that don’t appear to have a lot of work (that you’ve mentioned in the past) are quads and calves.

    Incidentally, are you now back in your regular gym for a while?

  2. Kris Says:

    My thoughts precisely. I don’t like the spacing of the workouts on the rotating split; ME days coming along only once every 10 days or so makes me lose my edge. I’d rather know when I get to go every week. I have some plans to do some eccentric overloading on the ME bench day with weight releasers, which is also a reason behind the once a week benching.

    You are right about the quads and calves. Was thinking about putting in some front/high-bar squatting in there, but quite frankly I will consider myself lucky if I can get away with what I got there already. I’ve had quite a bit of back soreness (not the good kind) from the box squat sessions over the last weeks. Getting my posterior chain back up without repeat injury is priority number one at the moment and the less essentials such as quads and calves will have to wait. I’m after brevity here.

    Will be working out at the school gym at least for the next few weeks and will then probably return to the commercial gym. Been missing the heavy dumbells… That will entail dragging all the stuff I got at the school back there, including boards, the box, all the grip tools, my new balance board, my new belt, the weight releasers… there can only be one home.

  3. John Says:

    I like your new template so much, I might give it a try myself… except with an extra benching day so I can fit the Nyman routine in…

  4. Kris Says:

    Go for it! :-)

    Will be interesting to see what your Nyman adapted version looks like if you decide to head down that road.

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