December 11, 2004

2 responses to New grippers from IronMind

  1. Marie Rochat Says:

    I was thinking about getting some grip equipment. From your experience with the two what would you recommend I try first: the Captains of Crucnh or the Rolling Thunder handle?

    Happy liftin’
    -Marie Rochat

  2. Kris Says:

    The Rolling Thunder would be more sport specific from a powerlifting standpoint as its static nature closely resembles the challenge of hanging on to a heavy deadlift for a few seconds. From Scott’s review of the updated Westside Deadlift Secrets video I also read that the RT, hex dumbell holds and various custom grippers are the grip exercises currently in vogue at Westside, whereas the standard grippers are not used at all.

    I love to train grip for its own sake, so all grip tools are in my periscope.

    From a price standpoint the grippers are a lot cheaper clocking in at $19.95 each, whereas the RT handle is $34 and the needed loading pin with carabiner $40.95. If price is not a problem, then definitively the RT.

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