December 6, 2004

3 responses to An isokinetic experience

  1. Marie Rochat Says:

    Never heard of a IsoKai, but from reading what you had on it, it seems like a cool thing. I wish i could mess around with one for a hour or two. I would be very interested in seeing the force I produce for some lifts.

  2. Scott Says:

    Very interesting indeed. I’m guessing it would make for a quiet gym.

    Incidentally, how did your students fare at the major lifts?

  3. Kris Says:

    There were only teachers on this trip. I guess I was the only one interested in playing around with it. If I didn’t have a splitting headache at the time, I guess I would have been all over it comparing force production in different lifts…

    The IsoKai feels unintuitive because no matter how hard you press you can’t increase speed and thus fail to gain any momentum whatsoever. This in combination with the specific speed setting probably go a long way in explaining why I got a bit lower numbers than I would with a barbell. It would be interesting to use the machine plotted force curves to analyze for sticking points, but then again, one is lucky enough to have a pair of eyes and a video camera…

    Yes, the IsoKai is fairly quiet, but this cannot be said of the isokinetic machine used on the Westside tape…

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