December 2, 2004

3 responses to December 2004 Reader Survey

  1. Marie Rochat Says:

    Hey Kris,

    I was reading over the training routine section of your blog. I noticed that on the little chart of training breakdown you had the main exercise(s) which I understand. But as far as supplementary and assistance exercises go, what is the diffrence?


  2. Kris Says:

    Greetings from Sweden! Thanks to everyone who took the survey so far, already learned quite a lot from reading your answers. Thanks!!!

    Marie, supplementary/accessory a distinction made in the Westside training templates. Supplementary exercises seem to be fairly heavy and done to hit the prime movers in the sq/dl (hams) and bench (triceps) directly after the main movement. Accessory work would be lighter with shorter rest periods and geared towards the secondary muscle groups. Or something like that. You could always post a question about it on the EliteFTS QA section.

    Read about your knee problem. Hopefully Barz-a-bending will not also turn into a rehab blog…

  3. Marie Rochat Says:

    Okay, thanks Kris, I understand now. I think I will go look it up on EFT just to get some more info on it.

    Yeah, I am hoping my blog won’t have to turn into a rehab blog as well… We’ll see soon enough.

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