November 24, 2004

4 responses to Front squats and good mornings

  1. VinceS Says:

    Hello Kris.

    Try starting your GMs off the pins instead of unracking. That way you’re working the back muscles the exact same way as if you were doing a DL. I also do them every other week instead of every week.

    Good luck on your comeback. Glad to see that you’re finally able to start getting some leg and back work in again.

    P.S. Recently did 400 190 330 920 at Michigan APF meet. Squat and Total were state records.

  2. Kris Says:

    Hey Vince,

    Been thinking about e-mailing you to hear how things are going. Great apparently. Congratulations on the state records!!

    Will start to do the GMs straight off the pins as you suggest. BTW, what height do you work off on these and how close are the GMs to your squat max?

  3. VinceS Says:

    Roughly navel height. When I get under the bar, I’m parallel to slightly above parallel when I start. I keep my legs out wide (sumo stance width) and have plenty of knee bend. This seems to help keep the back arched and hips back. I carry the bar about where I keep it for squats.

    My GM is up to 255 for 3-5 reps, 400 squat…so roughly 64% of max. However, I don’t gauge how much I can squat or deadlift from that. It’s strictly to build low back strength.

    Watch your form. That’s the biggest thing.

  4. Kris Says:

    Sounds very close to how I did them except that my leg spacing is more moderate (I pull conventional). Will take a clip of them next time to review form.


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