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June 6, 2003

St. Anger does Romania

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Metallica’s long-awaited studio album St. Anger was released yesterday. After reading this raving preview, it was only natural that I would buy the album before heading to the gym. I have to agree with the review; this is definitively a lot different from what they have produced earlier. Pretty rough stuff, albeit somewhat messy after a first listening. Sitting here and blogging to a third listening I can say that it is indeed growing on me. How far it will go on my personal chart remains to be seen, but yes, it is pretty good lifting music if you like the metal genre (a good rule of thumb: metal attracts metal). Seeing Ulrich bang the drums like crazy on the bonus DVD makes me wonder what kind of GPP he does.

This workout was fairly typical, if I’m permitted to use that term after only four DE Squat/Deadlift workouts. Added 15 kg/33 pounds to the bar on Romanian deadlifts for a hard 3x5 at 115 kg/254 pounds. It was a close call but my grip prevailed. My lats, and erectors to a slighter degree, were very sore from last workout’s wide-grip seated rows, which made the deads a little more challenging. After putting my abs on fire with ball crunches I did not manage to crank out a full 3x10 on the hanging leg raises landing two reps short on the last set.

DE Squat/Deadlift, 6 June 2003

Speed Box Squat, 13″: 8x2 @ 65 kg/144 pounds
Romanian Deadlift: 3x5 @ 115 kg/254 pounds
Ball Crunches: 3x20
Hanging Leg Raises: 10,10,8

Total training time: 40 min

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