January 3, 2007

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  1. Chris D. Says:

    Looks good Kris.

  2. Gords Says:

    I’m curious, how many people are preregistered so far? I’ve sent links to this site to a few people I think might be interested in participating.

  3. Kris Says:

    Chris D., thanks for the compliment!

    Gords, thanks for asking. I just posted the latest list here. A big welcome to Brent who signed up today! :-D

    It’s cool to hear that you have spread the word a bit, more lifters are definitively welcome. To that end, am going to release the banner page today for those who’d like a really nice banner to grace their web page or forum profile. ;-)

  4. chris Says:

    Looking good Kris!!!
    I got a bench meet coming up in Feb and am training for a meet in march, but i will throw in some attempts and show some support, what the hell, lets do it for the kids!!!
    Where are the rules posted? is it the normal 3 attempts? or do you just want the best of what we did? guess thats all to come. Good job though, and good luck!!

  5. Kris Says:

    Look up the definition of “have balls” and there is a picture of you there Chris! That’s the spirit! :-D

    The rules will be e-mailed to those who have pre-registered and all feedback will be taken into account before they are finalized and released. There shouldn’t be much technical surprises as I don’t want anyone to alter their usual competition technique more than absolutely necessary; the rules are liberal when it comes to lifting styles (i.e. allowing heels off the ground on the bench and so on), the gotchas are squat depth (top surface of the legs at the hip joint lower than the top of the knees, i.e. IPF rules) and the pause on the bench press (there must be a visible full-stop).

    A belt is the only allowed piece of powerlifting equipment. You need to videotape all three attempts on the lifts and send them in, no matter how they went (ultimately, that’s for the judges to decide). There is a 10 hour weigh-in at your discretion (no, you don’t need to videotape it…). As part of the final sign-up, you will also be asked to pick a date for your meet performance between February 9th and February 11th (Friday-Sunday). Beginning two weeks out, this date can no longer be changed. The rules contain more info on videotaping guidelines and so on, but for those familiar with the basic rules of powerlifting there should be no surprises. A good reference for those who need to read up, is the 100% RAW rulebook (pdf). Also, I am happy to answer any questions anyone might have at this stage.

    The reason I am still holding on to the rules is that I am finalizing the research for scoring, something I have been working on for quite some time now; a post on this will appear here at Under the Bar as soon as it is done for feedback. The web site is done, but I don’t want anyone to do the final sign-up before they have read the rules, hence I have a crippled version up at the moment.

  6. Måns Says:

    Trust me, the rules will be quite comprehensive, as is the research behind the calculator to be used for the judging (relative strength).
    Really, I’ve heard enough confusing and contradictory data (sometimes even within the same calculator) to have had me giving up making sense of anything, but Kris keeps going!

  7. Kris Says:

    Just answered a few questions about the meet over at A Second Chance thay may be of interest to those participating.

  8. brent Says:

    thanks for the mention Kris
    i really am excited about the meet, i think the spirit of the event is exactly what i’ve been looking for in my training outside of weightlifting
    there are a lot of gym rats who have never competed but train for the sport regardless, and i think this will appeal to a lot of those people (people like me)
    a few might like it enough that they go find some clubs to lift and compete with
    but the most appealing aspect about virtualmeet is the opportunity for casual fans like myself to suddenly have this real, tangible goal to train for, a direction for their training to take, now the self-assigned peaking and all the phases of training and periodization has a “real-world” point other than self-improvement, etc.
    another great part is “real” competing can be expensive with travel and sign-up fees and equipment while virtualmeet is completely free
    don’t mean to ramble
    good luck with everyone’s training

    this will be a lot of fun

  9. Kris Says:

    I agree 28763859834.34857%! This meet has had a tremendous effect on my training, having a clear goal makes a world of difference. I can see myself doing a few more virtual meets before lifting in my first real/traditional meet. Even then, I suspect I will continue to do virtual meets as a complement, and frankly, for the fun of it. Besides, there will be a ranking to improve on. Right now, about half of the pre-registered lifters are competitive lifters and I will be most interested in seeing whether this thing holds long-term appeal for them as well or whether most will be doing this as a fun one-time thing.

    If we can just find more people who have the mindset you do, then I think we will be able to piece together a nice supportive community that helps everybody improve, regardless of their current level. My gut feeling is that this is only a question of time. Once the first meet has been held and people can see clearly how this works in practice, then we might just see an upsurge of interest.

  10. Theresa Says:

    Tried to print out the banner so I could post it at my gym but had trouble????

  11. Kris Says:

    Not knowing precisely what kind of problem you have, I suspect it has to do with the banners being very small in print (or scaling very badly if you tried to resize up)? I threw together a full paper sized poster (works on both A4 and Legal, very simple black and white design to spare ink and allow photocopying), but will need to test print it tomorrow before I release it. I like the idea of having a poster that can be used to hang in gyms etc., thanks for bringing that up! :-D

  12. Theresa Says:

    Sorry Kris. I don’t know anything about HTML and misunderstood. Very new to this.
    It would be great to have something I could post at the gym.

  13. Theresa Says:

    How is everyone doing? The virtual meet is so close! My meet too is only a few weeks away. Anyone have recommendations for pre meet mental strategies? I find that after all the hard work of physical training, the mind has the final say.

  14. Kris Says:

    I would definitively be interested in this as well if there are any suggestions lurking out there. If nothing else, I can for my part wholeheartedly recommend The Mental Edge by Kenneth Baum. I got that one for Christmas. It’s a really accessible and well-written book for athletes of all levels and backgrounds. It’s also regarded as one of the best works on mental training. Comes with Baum’s mental training program. I plan to begin that program after the virtual meet, so will definitively return to it in more depth. There is no shortage of things to improve on…

    Best of luck for your meet!! You’ve got a bit more at stake than us virtual meeters. :-D

  15. Kris Says:

    A few thoughts on the future of this project (yes, I am thinking well ahead…) can be found in the comments section of this post over at Straight to the Bar.

    Now, anyone know where we could find two more judges to complement Stinn? Preferably people with experience from both attending and lifting in meets who are also not lifting in this one.

  16. brent Says:

    i don’t know if i’m qualified, i’ve only competed in a weightlifting meet, but if you can’t find more judges i’d be happy to help out with this and future events
    judging shouldn’t be too hard, i don’t think, since the judges will “only” be looking for the visible pause in the bench and appropriate depth in the squat, as opposed to “everything” including bar movement, arching various body parts off the bench, shifting of the feet, etc.
    i am completely in-tune with your wanting to make virtualmeet not necessarily “official,” but as legit as possible, but i think it may be difficult in finding the appropriate resources (well-qualified volunteers) this early in the project’s life. exposure post-meet, maybe posting a YouTube vid and word-of-mouth from lurkers, may attract more people (and unfortunately maybe some criticism).
    however, for now, i’m certain that everyone competing is serious enough about training to not only keep their “integrity” as far as their own form goes, but also to judge the form of others objectively

  17. Kris Says:

    Thanks Brent! Actually, the rules are not restricted to depth and the pause. Those are just the things that tend to vary most between federations which is why I have been very vocal about making sure everyone knows what is expected there while they are waiting (very patiently may I add) for the complete rule set. The rest is very standard stuff with everything from foot shifts, the butt coming off the bench in the bench press, bar rolling on the back in the squat, knees not being straight before descending into a squat and so on. As I wrote above, the 100% RAW rulebook is representative of what is being asked for in terms of technical performance save for the depth being IPF for us.

    I think there are quite a few lurkers, but I have hopes that I will be able to find two more judges to do this. Let’s see now… A few more days and I’ll poke around a bit more aggressively. :-D

  18. Kris Says:

    We have ourselves another judge! Theresa has volunteered her services. Since she is lifting in the USAPL Women’s Nationals the week following the virtual meet, I am going to request everyone to try to submit their video clips on the same day that they lift, if possible. The rules will state that everyone has 24 hours to submit the footage after their meet performance, but in this case faster is better. Secondly, there will be a stand-in judge to take over those lifts that Theresa quite possible won’t have time to look at. This can be anyone lifting in the meet or in a pinch yours truly (who is anticipating to have his hands full with video conversions, score sheets and such though). Again, preferably someone with experience from meets. Anyone?

    That leaves one more judge to be unearthed. :-D

    Give Theresa and Stinn a HUGE hand everyone!!!!

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