May 26, 2006

3 responses to Week 18: Mud racing

  1. Mike Says:

    Awesome blog as always. 13′ box squats is a pretty low box. How far below parallel is that for you?

  2. Kris Says:

    Mike, thanks for the kind words. At 183cm/6 feet, 13″ is safely below parallel, but actually not by very much. Here’s a side shot of me on a true 13″ box. Haven’t measured the one at Metal, it is actually a tad higher than 13″ and puts me at about parallel. Will have to push extra hard to get new 13″ PRs in the summer as I get to use my own box again. :-) A low box for me is 10″, haven’t done that in ages.

  3. Mike Says:

    I’ve done them off an 11 inch box and that put me, at 5′9, about 2 inches below parallel. Nice lifting altogether.

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