June 19, 2005

3 responses to Week 25: Huge miss and off to the green pastures

  1. Scott Says:

    A bit of tag-team blogging. Have a great summer - may Toffe’s Gym receive plenty of loving attention.

  2. Alberto Caraballo Says:

    Have a great time. Don’t forget to turn off the cell phone so that it can really be a technology free vacation.
    One last thing. Whenever I test a max in any lift, I only count it if the rep is perfect. If my form is sloppy or unsafely wrong in the slightest, it doesn’t count even if completed. I would do that for your deadlift: get a max for the perfect lift, then work off of that. Or start light and gradually work up to heavy weights over a few weeks time, to program the body.

  3. mat Says:

    there’s a *much* bigger deadlift lurking in there, once you feel truly comfortable with your back.
    keep on pulling…its the most frustrating, most annoying, most exciting, most satisfying lift of

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