April 10, 2005

3 responses to Week 14: Still fighting gravity

  1. Scott Says:

    What sort of angle is the incline bench? There are three different settings on the bench here, but I’m not sure about commercial benches.

  2. Stinn Says:

    Good to see you back! A TTL of 3 days is pretty standard on most nameservers…however still quite annoying.

  3. Kris Says:

    Scott: Most commercial incline benches that have a fixed angle tend to be around 30-40 degrees. I’d say that one was about 40.
    Stinn: What bugs me a bit is that I didn’t remember to check the host’s nameservers before I migrated. I could have lived with a day, but in retrospect I should’ve migrated the domain over to my own dns servers pointing to the old IP with a short TTL before making a swift transfer to the new IP. Oh well. Live and regret. ;-)
    While at it, my apologies to all users of Internet Explorer. It appears that the sidebar gets misplaced on at least some version of said browser, possible due to Wordpress inserting tags which are not closed (need to look into this tonight). That said, why don’t finally ditch IE and follow the masses to Firefox [hint, hint]?
    Also, please let me know if you find any other rough edges that need to be fixed.

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