April 8, 2005

7 responses to Week 13: Coan/Phillipi deadlift routine on the road

  1. Scott Says:

    Finding enough time/motivation to train a couple of times per week with a future powerlifter around… I’m suitably impressed. Looking forward to seeing a few deadlift results.

  2. Måns Says:

    In addition to the rye bread, people around the world are also missing out on a few other goodies… Like “salmiak” (aka ammonium chloride) candy, which is a purely scandinavian thing. They’re salty, burn a bit and, eaten in excess, may raise your blood pressure, but hey… =)
    And “näkkileipä” (knäckebröd in swedish), which I believe can actually be found in some healthfood stores somewhere in the States as well, I have no clue as to what they call it, but it’s dried bread of a very particular kind, usually heavy with fiber and whole grain.

  3. Måns Says:

    …and having checked my friendly online dictionary, Näkkileipä is known as “Crispbread”. At least in England.
    Originally a Swedish invention, it is a dried form of rye bread, made so that when ready, it is very porous and airy. The net truly is useful… =)

  4. Kris Says:

    Get your fix here:

    I challenge every reader to order a pack of Fazer Super Salmiakki. At 1.64 euro you can’t lose!

    Here’s the brand pf rye bread I tend to eat the most. In fact, I don’t eat much else when it comes to bread. Stay away evil white spongy stuff!

    … and the classic crispbread:

  5. Kris Says:

    This salmiakki, literally “from hell”, is nice too:

  6. Alberto Caraballo Says:

    Hey, Kris, Patrick Nyman’s Prilepin routine that you have works awesome for squats and deadlifts. I’ve used it and adapted it every which way: this last time, I used it to raise my front squat from 215 to 245 in 5 weeks. Just a thought .. . .

    In two months, I’ll actually use it for benches;)

  7. Kris Says:

    If I had time for two bench workouts a week I could sure give it another go, but as it is I’ll have to be content with one. Am currently going by a basic flat, incline, decline rotation between 1RM and 5RM followed by speed floor pressing and accessory work (currently at least dips and bradford presses). We’ll see how that goes. Will eventually inject some more science into my routines, but for now I am just happy to get to the gym twice a week. ;-)

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