September 8, 2004

2 responses to A workout for gentlemen

  1. Marie Rochat Says:

    Hey Kris,

    I just read the post you wrote about your Lumbago Episode I. Those look like some awesome core muscle exercises you’re doing. I was watching the video clip and I think I’ll give the walk outs a try on my next core muscle workout.


  2. Kris Says:

    Walk outs are definitively a great exercise. Made me painfully aware of how weak my core was… Once simple walk out/walk in is easy, you can start to lift a leg off the ball/arm off the ground (or both simultaneously) or do trunk twists by either rotating one arm or leg out sideways. Then combine them all one after each other… ;-)

    I do find that walk outs can be pretty harsh on the shoulders, so achtung and so on.

    More [funny] core videos here:

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