August 22, 2004

5 responses to A light return to box squats and deadlifts

  1. Scott Bird Says:

    Good to see the deadlift making a reappearance. The slight weight increases sounds like a good idea, although I can see this moving to 5kg/week (or more) reasonably quickly.

  2. Kris Says:

    Hope you’re right. 24 hours after the fact my back is pretty tender despite the workout itself feeling very easy.

  3. Kris Says:

    One more thing: I had actually planned on only adding 2.5 kg/6 lbs to the bar every other week, but stagger it so that the increase would hit the deadlift and squat on different weeks. This way either the squat or deadlift is bumped up every week. This sounded like a good idea until I did the math of how long it would take me to reach any kind of serious iron… Hope haste doesn’t make waste.

  4. Scott Bird Says:

    I’ve also been thinking about the back tightening you experienced after doing the hanging leg raises. These always seem to have the opposite effect for me (and doing them following back work is more help than hindrance), and I’m curious to know if it was only the negative part of the movement (the legs returning to vertical) that stiffened things up.

    This might be another exercise to benefit from removal of the negative portion, as with suspended good mornings.

  5. Kris Says:

    It was the box squat and deadlift that made my back tight, but didn’t really notice it before doing the hanging leg raises when I could really feel it on the first reps at the point when the feet are at their highest point (I’m trying to touch the feet to the bar, but still have a bit to go). After a few reps it started to loosen up like you suggest. The hardest thing since the back injury has always been bending forward with straight legs, so it is fairly obvious why the hanging leg raises would hurt (and why I consider the compound stiff-legged dumbell deadlifts the ultimate test of whether my back is up to par).

    Am feeling a lot better today, but might have to stick with just some basic rehab work tomorrow.

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