August 1, 2004

3 responses to Rack welding schedule

  1. Scott Bird Says:

    I trust your military service wasn’t affected by ‘internet addiction’ (Reuters news).

  2. Scott Bird Says:

  3. Kris Says:

    Interesting story. One can well imagine the torment of not being able to play Counterstrike all night long, but shouldn’t it be more fun to go at it with real ammo on the shooting range and in the woods…? Back in 1994-95 when I did my service, the real net boom had not yet taken effect, and all the surfing I did prior to that was at a friend’s house. Even now, I wouldn’t have this problem. I rarely chat, and rarely play games (does this make me a bore?).

    Ironically, I did get to play quite a lot of Civilization during my last month or so in the greens as my platoon temporarily had too many groupleaders to the number of new recruits. There was only one computer in the recreation area, so you had to be quick to get there.

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