July 14, 2004

3 responses to Drenched

  1. Scott Bird Says:

    Just a quick blog-related rather than training-related comment (or more accurately, question) :

    Where are you getting the information for the ‘200th entry’ statistic? In my case there is a difference between what MT believes (81) and the report from the GlobalListings plugin (77). Either way, there is still a fair way to go before I reach 200. Well done.

  2. Kris Says:

    From the MT admin interface. Just got home and did a quick cat | grep | wc -l pipe on the index page for all the entries and it indeed returns 200. Am running MT 2.63.

    Have you been able to confirm which count is correct in your case, that of GlobalListings or MT? From your post, I assume it is the former. Do you have any unpublished entries this could be related to? Not that I want to start debugging other’s software…

  3. Scott Bird Says:

    It did indeed relate to unpublished entries. The MT admin interface shows all entries (regardless of status), whilst the GlobalListings plugin only counts published entries.

    As to why I still have 4 old draft entries - I tend not to delete anything. Old habit.

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