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January 11, 2005

Everybody do the leg press!

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Scott Koffman filed a $9.2 million suit Thursday in U.S. District Court against BYU and a conditioning coach. He claims he suffered three herniated discs from being forced to use too much weight while performing an elevated leg press in September 2001. Koffman claimed when he tried to take off some weight, he was stopped by Justin McClure, the assistant strength and conditioning coach. He alleges McClure, who is named in the lawsuit, called him a vulgar name, added another 100 pounds and ordered him to lift. Koffman suffered the spinal injury on his first repetition, the lawsuit contends.
Pitcher claims injury ended pro prospects (August 27, 2004)

The above story, pitiful in its own right, prompted Razorman to post the safe way to use a leg press to the Dr. Squat message board.

1) Take leg press machine.

2) Melt into molten steel.

3) Pour into weight plate molds - or preferably, extrude into cylinders and mill to precise tolerance weight plates.

4) Recover some of the remaining steel and extrude into a bar.

5) Cut knurling into bar.

6) Place bar over shoulders after loading plates onto bar.

7) Squat, like God intended.

I learned about this while reading Skinny Bastard Training Log and promptly realized that this gospel needs to spread like wildfire for the sake of all lost gym souls. Speaking of which, hopefully Koffman got himself a ball and a balance board… career over? Why? ;-)