November 25, 2006

4 responses to Virtual Gym

  1. Theresa Says:

    Mans, the background you sugeested sounds nice. I have Sam working on a winter wonderland background (with warm up stations) and reindeer (but not Rudolpf the red nose, we want those white lights!)

  2. Måns Says:

    Maybe you could have Kris e-mail you a pic from Toffe’s Gym..?

  3. Theresa Says:

    We haven’t had any snow here yet (unusual for December).
    How is your powerlifting routine going?

  4. Måns Says:

    It’s going good, actually…
    No snow here either, which is rather starnge for these latitudes. By now, we should have subzero temperatures (Celsius/Centigrade) and at least some snow, but instead we have +5-8 degrees which is like autumn or spring-like weather. Rainy. Foggy. Actually, sounds like English weather… :)

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