July 1, 2006

3 responses to Week 25: Peak volume

  1. Stinn Says:

    Holy man you squat pretty damn wide! Looks like all your numbers will be going up.

  2. Alberto Caraballo Says:

    Time to cash in on all that volume work. Good to hear that you’re starting to recover and supercompensate.

  3. Kris Says:

    Stinn, I haven’t really decided to squat that wide, it seems this is just where I like to keep my feet when the going gets (for me) heavy. Guess this helps me take the quads out of it and put more load on the hams. A while back I had real trouble figuring out where to put my feet and what to do with my knees, but now things seem to have largely resolved without too much conscious effort. I have also gotten much better at spreading my legs in the hole thanks to the wider stance and I no longer drop down way below parallel like I used to. With a wide stance, you just can’t go down much beyond parallel…

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