June 25, 2006

2 responses to Happy with less than Excalibur

  1. Scott Says:

    You’ll be forced to invest in a few 50kg plates if you run out of room in coming years :)
    Looks good. Is it now a dedicated squat bar, or will it just replace your old bar for everything?

  2. Kris Says:

    Scott, been thinking about getting a couple of 50 kg/110 lbs plates as a reserve, but this is not an imminent need… The buffalo is definitively a dedicated squat bar, good for lunges, hise shrugs and such too of course, but no way I would bench with it. :-)

    Am looking to buy a Texas Power Bar as my “generic” bar of choice. After that, I’m pretty much settled as far as the basic needs are concerned, but some specialty bars will definitively spice up Toffe’s Gym in the future. Got plans for some more equipment too.

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