April 17, 2006

3 responses to Interesting Buffalo Bar trivia

  1. Scott Says:

    Is Super Squats in your current (and expanding) lifting library?

  2. Jamie Says:

    I love the tag line on the book “add 30 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks”, sounds like a get rich fast scheme :-)

  3. Kris Says:

    Jamie, I know what you mean. Nonetheless, there are plenty of folks out there who claim it gave them good mass results. Still, I have a hard time seeing THAT impressive results in a natural experienced lifter. Squatting twenty reps with a weight you would normally only do for ten and then adding 5 lbs to this every workout is not the newbie way. The program also calls for the trainee to “eat a lot of wholesome food, drink at least two quarts of milk a day, and to get plenty of rest in between the twice- or thrice-weekly workouts”.

    Scott, don’t have the book yet, but it’s a classic so… not an urgent priority though, am having a hard time seeing this being conducive to powerlifting unless I need to get a new mass base.

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