April 13, 2006

4 responses to Week 14: Shaking off the flu

  1. Alberto Caraballo Says:

    My chest is more involved with a wider grip but locking out a weight becomes harder and I can’t bench as much. I’m hoping this might improve my bench out of the bottom when I bench with a closer grip. Guess one has to work what’s weakest, not just strongest.

  2. Kris Says:

    Precisely, but never thought about it in terms of going wider than my usual grip (a few sets of illegal wides a year doesn’t count…). Since I have a very strong lockout compared to what I bench off my chest, I wouldn’t mind getting a bit more oomph out of the bottom at the expense of a heavier lockout.

  3. Stinn Says:

    I found that both legs up benching and floor presses really helped my off the chest “oomph” as you put it.

  4. Måns Says:

    Stinn, do you mean lifting the legs clear off the floor? As in on the bench, back flat against bench?

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