March 3, 2006

10 responses to Video tour of Metal Gym

  1. Scott Says:

    Fantastic. Very, very much appreciated.

  2. Alberto Caraballo Says:

    Kris, I’m jealous . . . . . Lucky!!!

  3. chris Says:

    i second alberto, you’re a bum and i am jealous as well, looks like a great place to get strong…..

  4. Kris Says:

    As a small note, Ano approved of this clip. I always run stuff like this past him as a matter of common decency. It is only fair that he is aware of what stuff comes out of his gym so there are no surprises later on. Not every gym owner is as positive about camera touting lifters after hours as he is. Once again, hats off for the strong man!

  5. Gords Says:

    I would be interested to see what the gym looks like when it is busiest. I am amazed at all the cool equipment you have there. I did a little research and Helsinki is slightly more populated than the Salt Lake Metro area where I am from. I don’t think we have a gym as good as that one. (If we do, its too pricey for me)

  6. Måns Says:

    The lack of a decent gym sounds surprising to me. What’s the price range like in your area? And, having got used to this level of gyms in Finland, I feel sort of confused that you don’t have that in the States…

  7. Gords Says:

    Well there’s a Gold’s Gym close to my home (and not my work) which is great (not as great though as Helsinki’s Metal Gym based on the vid) but they want me to spend several hundred dollars. For me its more convenient to lift during my lunch break at work in the basement (which is free) and while we have very limited equipment we have several DBs up to 65 pounds and about 500 pounds of Barbell weights. Enough to get the basics done.
    Money and time is too tight for me to sign up at Gold’s.

  8. Måns Says:

    Well you’re gonna have to wait a while longer, but I’m currently in the process of writing a book on free weight training (db’s and bars) and it’ll feature roughly 600 exercises, so… :D
    Sorry Kris for the plug on my future book. I won’t wonder if this post gets deleted…

  9. Kris Says:

    Basements are cool. Also, when put into a powerlifting perspective, there aren’t too many gyms of the same caliber as Metal in Finland. Good basic gyms abound, but I am talking about dens with chains, bands, reverse hypers, monolifts… There are more, but a couple of places spring to mind. Take a look at the awesome Bull Farm located in Tampere; the text is in Finnish, but the pictures tell the story of monolifts, reverse hypers, 4000 kg of plates, huge rows of chains and bands… Makes me want to invest another fortune in Toffe’s Gym… The other place is that of Sakari Selkäinaho in Saarijärvi (again, in Finnish, but with awesome pictures… also see this one).

  10. Scott Says:

    Kris, those gyms look great (particularly Bull Farm). Plenty of inspiration.

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