January 15, 2006

5 responses to Week 2: Deload

  1. Scott Says:

    Not sure you’ve fully grasped the concept of a ‘deload’. 27 reps on the GHR? :)

  2. Kris Says:

    Deload means to make lighter. Without making lighter, one cannot achieve 27 reps on the GHR. Deload, become one with the helium. Just don’t inhale it.

    Sorry, forgot to take my medication.

  3. Måns Says:

    Yes, you should always take your daily creatine. Except it has no effect on you… Hmm. We need something stronger. Medic! :D

  4. Alberto Caraballo Says:

    Scott, on the Elite Beginners Manual, the last week or two of the bench has dumbbells done for time as opposed to a max as a deload.

  5. Kris Says:

    Interesting, what are the parameters for the dumbells for time deload in the manual? I saw this on the Special Strengths tape as well, but don’t have my VCR handy to check what they recommend there. They were also doing dumbells for max reps. Technically, my deload mainly serves to deload the spine by cutting weights, CNS deload is a happy side benefit. I really should think more about CNS recovery though, these occasional deload weeks might serve a much larger purpose than just spinal deload.

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