January 8, 2006

4 responses to Week 1, part II: Manta Ray… all the way

  1. Scott Says:

    The squats are certainly looking a lot more comfortable than a few months ago.

  2. Kris Says:

    Well, I’m not trying to squat equipped style anymore by sitting back a lot to achieve vertical shins. Allowing the knees to come forward a bit makes more sense for a raw squatter plus it makes it easier for me to stay more upright. I squatted rock bottom with a close stance before I became a powerlifter 2 years, 9 months and 6 days ago, so no surprise that my body found the groove quickly. Come to think of it, it is 15 years since I did my first squats now. Sheesh.

  3. Måns Says:

    Holy crap! That’s right… It’s been what - 12-13 years since we started at Gold’s in Matinkylä..? :)

  4. Kris Says:

    Right on the money. Pulled out my old workout notes and it appears the first workout at Gold’s was on January 25th, 1994. We did three sets of squats with 80 kg/177 lbs (partials, I only used about 50 kg/111 lbs in my home gym for full squats at the time), two sets of leg presses, two sets of leg extensions with toes pointed, two sets of leg extensions with toes back, three sets of standing leg curls and two sets of stiff-legged deadlifts. My notes state that the intensity was pretty low as we had no idea what weights we should be using on some of the exercises. My first workout ever was forearms on January 27th, 1999. Trained at home and at Toffe’s Gym before our first epic gym training, but I recall you trained at Tapiola Gym before this. Memories…

    Some of my weights from the first weeks at Gold’s: bench 5 @ 60 kg/133 lbs, behind the neck press in the smith 3 @ 40 kg/88 lbs, shrugs 12 @ 75 kg/166 lbs, preacher curls 6 @ 25 kg/55 lbs, wide-grip pulldowns 4 @ 65 kg/144 lbs and hack squats 8 @ 100 kg/221 lbs. For some reason, hehe, all these sets list at least two forced reps… The intensity we had back then would kill me, well perhaps not at those weights… We moved up rapidly in results after this though.

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