November 15, 2005

5 responses to Detail off Rufus’s pajamas: daddy green with envy

  1. Alberto Caraballo Says:

    If that would have had a Kids Metal logo on it, we would have had serious questions for you, Kris:)

  2. Kris Says:

    Saved by the bell.

  3. Måns Says:

    What shall we name that particular exercise..? “Mouse cleans”? “Barbell-holds at the nose”? :D

  4. Kris Says:

    Hey, it’s not the mouse’s fault his arms are too short to clear his head. My arms are too long, yet I bench. That said, the mouse might benefit from using a cambered bar for all his pressing. I should really contact the pajama manufacturer about this issue and the lack of Kids Metal logo mentioned above. I have spoken with Rufus, he is in grave agreement.

  5. Måns Says:

    He should be. This is serious business, after all.

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