May 22, 2005

4 responses to Week 21: Magic wands and interesting camera angles

  1. Måns Says:

    That’s actually an accurate description of what it looks like… Could be good or extremely bad, depending on your angle. (pun intended, even if not fully successful) :)

  2. Alberto Caraballo Says:

    So are you going to to add Rufus Static Back Holds to your list of supplementary movements? This may change conjugate method as we know it . . . just wait until you start throwing him up in the air for grins!!!!

  3. Kris Says:

    Nothing new under the sun as they say. I am merely applying the 2500-year-old Milo Principle named after Milo of Croton (statue). He is said to have trained for the Olympics by carrying a newborn calf around every day. Four years later when the games finally rolled in, Milo was still carrying the animal, which had long since turned into a full-grown cow. Unprecedented strength gains! I hope Rufus won’t mind it too much when I carry him around at age 30.

  4. Måns Says:

    Nothing new, for sure. Just a few days of smurfing on will give you a multitude of those kinds of experiences. Protein powders, eating 5-6 times per day, core training… None of it younger than 80 years.

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