February 4, 2005

4 responses to Week 5: Bench and bench only

  1. peter Says:

    Hello. Very interesting and nice web log you have. Another exercise that you my want to alternate in with the bench press illegal wides, is the Guillotine Press. The loaded bar is lowered to the throat (I lower to Adam’s Apple) and then pressed back up with elbows held out from the body. This exercise carries over well to flat bench and also helps on the reversal of the pressing movement as the loaded bar can not be bounced off of the body (to bounce a loaded bar off of one’s Adam’s Apple, I think would not be healthy). My PR with Guillotine press is 2x225. The videos on your site are informative and nice, and may actually get me to do board presses. Keep the PRs comming and good luck.

  2. Kris Says:

    Peter, thanks for the advice and feedback. Guillotine press… that’s an appropriate name if any. Two plates on this exercise sounds quite mighty, whereabouts is your regular bench?

    I tried doing some neck benching a year ago, but not as high as the adam’s apple. I liked it back then, but for some reason never returned to it. Will.

    Found the standard exercise description for the guillotine press here:

  3. Scott Says:

    The Guillotine press sounds interesting - certainly an exercise where a spotter would be advisable. Now I just need to do something about the supports on my bench, which isn’t exactly designed for such things.

  4. Kris Says:

    Scott, saw the supports off and use the rack instead?

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