January 30, 2005

2 responses to Week 4: First visit to Metal Gym and GHR Soviet style

  1. Alberto Caraballo Says:

    That GHR with the horse and bands is pretty smooth. You may not have to buy one after all. So how do the hams feel? And have you seen a good carryover to your squats and deadlifts and less back pain after the use of the reverse hyper?

  2. Kris Says:

    The hams are dead, so no chance to test any carryover by squatting today… The hams are dead, long live the hams! FWIW, if the horse would stay in place it would definitively be on par with a real GHR. Traditionalists would argue that this is in fact the REAL way to do GHRs… ;-)

    Måns suggested we rope the horsie to the bars to prevent it from eloping…

    Don’t really have any back pain anymore, but I can tell you that I felt pretty good with a mega arch in the back after the hypers at Metal.

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