December 31, 2003

14 responses to A small bang and your chance to win a $15 Amazon gift certificate

  1. Kris Says:

    One more rule specification: the prize will be awarded within 7 (seven) days of the bench date given above. I reserve the right to check the validity of the e-mail address before sending the gift certificate; if not valid the prize will be awarded to someone else as per the rules specified above. If you change e-mail address you can supply the new one to me via my e-mail shown at the bottom of this page.

  2. Måns Says:

    Mwahahahaaaa ai entaa te competitishon.
    Mii sei juu lifting a mässiv 120-130kg få da bench max ät end of tsuun, mii dass. ;-) Ifall du känner på dig att editta ner ti ett nummer, så sku jag säga kanske…hmm…117,5kg. =)

    Ja o kanske du vet min emil address..? :D
    Synes nästa wecka på punten, oder..?

  3. Kris Says:

    OK, we got one guess entered in Swenglish at 117.5 kg/260 lbs. Any other takers? This thread will be closed at Jan 11th; if there are no other entries I guess the prize will just have to go to my wacky training partner… with whom I have not discussed my own thoughts on the matter, so he should be consider unbiased and eligible (he is also stronger than me, so…).

  4. Sanna Says:

    Hej Måns! I guess it’s a battle between the two of us. ;) MY extremely qualified guess is you, Toffe, will bench 235,5 kg come June. Well, no. Maybe 112,5? Yup, that’s my guess. You can just hand me the money cash, hon. :)

  5. Markus Says:

    Stop underestimating the man, pipel. 150kg is a bit off still, if we’re talking end of June. But 132,5 is quite doable. Stop chuckling, it is.

    Let’s make the deal more interesting and promise Toffe a $30 GC if he DOES 132,5.. ;)

  6. Kris Says:

    Now we’re talking! Money for me!! 132,5 kg/293 lbs would be a huge gain, but I promise I will be pushing like crazy. Motivating it is…

    The current guesses are now:

    Markus: 132.5 kg/293 lbs
    Måns: 117.5 kg/260 lbs
    Sanna: 112.5 kg/249 lbs

    Any other players?

  7. Jay Says:

    Ok I reckon 125kg.

  8. Kris Says:

    Jay, would you email me your email address or enter it here. Otherwise I won’t be able to send over the gift certificate if you end up with the closest guess. Thanks for your input!

  9. human Says:

    Absolutely 115kg

  10. Kris Says:

    Folks, if you want to have a chance to win the gift certificate please let me know your e-mail address. Should be enough for a new training CD, you know (Kalmah?).

    The situation as of now:

    Markus: 132.5 kg/293 lbs
    Jay: 125 kg/276 lbs
    Måns: 117.5 kg/260 lbs
    Human: 115 kg/254 lbs
    Sanna: 112.5 kg/249 lbs

  11. Sanna The Brain Says:

    Hey ho, why don’t you add a box for e-mail address in the “Add a comment”-field, that way people will automatically include their e-mail address. Smart, huh? :)

  12. Kris Says:

    See this for details on why I don’t have an e-mail box.

  13. James Linhoff Says:

    130 kg/ 280 #
    Good Luck.


  14. Kris Says:

    COMPETITION CLOSED. We have a total of 6 participants:

    Markus: 132.5 kg/293 lbs
    James: 130 kg/287 lbs
    Jay: 125 kg/276 lbs
    Måns: 117.5 kg/260 lbs
    Human: 115 kg/254 lbs
    Sanna: 112.5 kg/249 lbs

    Everybody involved will be notified of the result after June 2nd in case not everybody is a regular reader. Thanks for joining everyone and for having faith in my bench. Now I’ll go ahead and do the hard work. ;-)

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