Westside Barbell DE Bench Guidelines

Based on 60 % of a 97.5 kg shirtless max bench (215 lbs) we get the following guidelines. Weights are rounded to the nearest 2.5 kg. Notation: sets x reps @ weight.

Straight weight: 8x3 @ 57.5 kg

Chains: 8x3 @ 57.5 kg + 18 kg of chains at top (one 5/8")

Bands: 8x3 @ 50 kg + 18 kg of tension at top


  • The above weights should be taken as starting points. Bar weight is ultimately determined by bar speed; if you can't complete three reps within three seconds lower the weight until you can.
  • To avoid overtraining, it is not recommended to do more than 3-4 consecutive weeks of bands. A common approach is to cycle 3-4 weeks of bands with 3-4 weeks of chains or straight weight.
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