Once upon a time, back in 1997 to be precise, I posted some rather extensive papers to a now defunct Swedish-speaking weight training forum known as NordGym. These papers seemed to be interesting to some; first the list moderator asked permission to pull them out of the archives, then when NordGym went down they were inherited by a Swedish fitness webstore. And now they are gracing my own Read them for what they are: review papers on research available on Medline in 1997.

Cyklisk ketogen diet: A fairly extensive walk-through of the high-fat/low-carb cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD). [in Swedish]

Koffein och insulin: A review of research on the relation between caffeine and thermogenesis, that branches out into its possible effects on athletic performance. [in Swedish]

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS): A review of research on whether muscle soreness correlates closely to actual muscle trauma, and if, by extension, activities and substances that help lessen DOMS (such as massage and Vitamin C) actually speed up the recovery process. [in Swedish]