May 2005 news archives

May 31, 2005

tsampaPRtable virgin release

Filed under: Training, Computing

Wrote a dirty little PHP script to generate a personal record matrix out of a plain text file to save me from the thumping headache associated with manually managing the jungle of <td> tags that comprises my powerlifting personal record matrix. Besides being practical, the script also adds a few goodies that are not feasible to do manually. tsampaPRtable is GPLd, so feel free to grab a copy whatever your PR needs.

May 15, 2005

Welcome to the new server!

Filed under: General, Computing

After two years of running on a virtual dedicated server over at Advantagecom (excellent hosting btw), we are now running on a dedicated 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 box with 1GB of RAM powered by Debian Sarge. The brunt of the migration effort is on the backside (my collected notes span 50 pages in OpenOffice), but I did take this opportunity to redesign and move the frontpage and Under the Bar from Movable Type to a hacked Wordpress 1.5. My design is, understandably enough, called One Line to Rule them All… There are still a few rough edges to sort out, but do e-mail me if anything strikes you as broken or, gulp, undesirable.