Where to buy tsampa

From time to time I get requests for where to purchase tsampa outside of Tibet and China, hence this listing. E-mail me at the address below if you know of any other reputable manufacturers or resellers of tsampa anywhere in the world outside of Tibet and China.


Institut Tibétain (Belgium)
The Tibetan Institute of Belgium carries tsampa in its temple shops. It is made at the Yeunten Ling by monk Temba Rubgay, for contact information to the other centers see the institutes webpage. Note that availability may vary, if in doubt you might want to check ahead.

Institut Yeunten Ling
Château du Fond l'Evêque
4 Promenade Saint Jean l'Agneau
B-4500 Huy - Belgique
tel: 00 32 (0)85 27 11 88
fax: 00 32 (0)85 27 11 99
E-mail: yeunten-ling@skynet.be

Sonam's Tsampa (Switzerland)
Manufactured by Sonam Dolma Brauen, this tsampa is organically grown and Demeter certified. Sonam's Tsampa is mainly sold by resellers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Although there is no mail order service, individual orders might be arrangable if you order in bulk quantities. You can also contact Sonam if you live in Europe and are interested in becoming a reseller. The website is in German only; click here for an English babelfish translation.

North America

Purple Mountain Tsampa (USA)

Purple Mountain TsampaSince March 2007, Ann Lachman has been making purple and white tsampa in Massachusetts. The organically grown barley is washed twice and dried in the sun before being roasted to a pop over an open flame and ground in a stone mill. Ann is happy to mail her tsampa anywhere within the US, international customers can also inquire about postal rates.

For further details and pricing, please contact sales@mahasiddha.org.

tibetantsampa.com (USA)

tibetantsampa.comRan by exile Tibetans and based in Richmond, California, tibetantsampa.com not only sells tsampa but also Tibetan Tsampa Bars.

Tsampa lovers outside the US should inquire about shipping, in April 2013 they said they would start shipping internationally soon.

Tibetan Tsampa Bars

Z-den's Tsampa (Canada)
Z-den's Tsampa produces and sells mostly to local Tibetans in Toronto and some in the US. They only take orders over the phone or fax at the moment.
Tel/Fax Toronto #416 686-6236 and Tel# 425 876-7708.

Note that Bodhistore.com is no longer selling tsampa (verified by e-mailing the site owner).