Tibetan software

This page is the home of my Tibetan related software and font projects. Most of these projects were developed between 1998 and 2001. I am currently too busy with other avenues of my life to work on these projects, but I do plan to come back to them as soon as time allows. In the meantime, I would appreciate any feedback or thoughts you might have. I am also open to cooperation and possible funding offers.

My approach to Tibetan computing is fairly anthropological in nature, with a focus on bridging the gap between language data and learning material. If I have a dictionary I want to be able to draw material from it for quizzing. If I have a Tibetan text I want to be able to speed read it and create comprehension tests. Spoken dialects, especially Amdo, are also close to my heart. If it is true that most of Tibetan computing is preoccupied with the worthy enterprise of digitizing classical texts, then I feel closer to the fieldworker and student of Tibetan who desire more powerful tools to work with the language itself.

My other main interest is Tibetan typography and typeface design, which I hope to pursue at greater length in the future.


This section contains programs that I have officially released.

  • Tibetan Word Rehearser (Tibword): My first Tibetan learning program, which allows the insertion of vocabulary that can be quizzed in a number of ways. Also features automatic generation of Amdo-dialect pronunciation. [MS-DOS, Freeware]
  • Tsampa Keyboard font: True type Tibetan font that can be used straight from the keyboard without any external software. This makes it inherently cross-platform and suitable for older applications or applications where input macros are not a feasible solution. [GNU Lesser General Public License]

Prototypes and work in progress

These programs range from early experiments to software waiting to be released. Some of them are not available for the public, some can be obtained by requesting a personal copy.

  • Tsampa Classic typeface: A preview of my main Tibetan typeface currently known by its working name Tsampa Classic. My aim is to create a very high-quality Tibetan typeface suitable for printing.
  • QuizEngine prototype: A prototype quiz engine that draws its material from wordlists. Handles word, verb and number quizzes. Can output Tibetan in any non-Unicode Tibetan font through the use of font drivers. [Win 95 and up, available for download]
  • Tibword for Windows: An early Windows prototype, that features a Tibetan word processor and the possibility to work with files containing a Tibetan text, its translation and vocabulary (supports speed reading and quizzing). [Win 95 and up, available for download]