Chrooting Stunnel 4.x on Debian

Stunnel is a SSL wrapper used to secure non-SSL aware daemons and protocols requiring no changes to the daemon's code. Usual examples would be providing https for a web server that only speaks http or provide pop3s for a mail server that can only do pop3.

These scripts secure stunnel in its own chroot jail by providing wrappers for makejail. On my system, stunnel chrooted in 6.3M on Debian Sarge and 7.2M on Debian Etch.

tsampa-stunnelchroot-0.2.tar.gz (size 11K, released 16 May 2007)

Old versions:
tsampa-stunnelchroot-0.1.tar.gz (size 11K, released 29 Nov 2005)